A Blog On Japan

Listed below are the blog entries for each trip that I have taken to Japan for your reading enjoyment. Contact me and share your experiences, as I'd love to hear them!

2008: The First Trip

Day One — From Philly to Japan

Day Two — A Tour of Tokyo

Day Three — Early Birds Get The Sushi

Day Four — At The Feet Of The Daibutsu

Day Five — Two Geeks find Mecca

Day Six — Final Thoughts

There is SO much to see in Japan, that it's close to impossible to see it all on one trip (even with enough money)! Make sure you have some things you want to see that the tours or the travel agent may not know of.

The best way would be to go through a Japanese travel agent like IACE Travel when you decide to make the trip. They did such an excellent job, that they are the only travel agent I'll use when heading to Japan. Got a question? Ask it, because they'll be able to get you the answers you need.