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The resources listed here, are ones I myself use. The information on these sites and places online are subject to change without my knowledge. If you happen to come across something that's not included in my list, please don't hesitate to call or e-mail me so I can keep this as up-to-date as I possibly can.


Listed below are places in which you can learn more Japanese, about the culture, and more.

Japanese Language School of Philadelphia

This is a tremendous resource, and we in the Philadelphia area are very fortunate to have this in our backyard! If you are originally from Japan, and live in the States, and want your children to have the experiences you had when you went to school, then this if just the place for your child. If you're looking to learn Japanese, this is the traditional Japanese school method that would find in Japan if you lived there.

All the teachers are from Japan, so you won't be getting someone who's not a native speaker. They will provide the necessary books and other resources you'll need (for a fee), and you'll get to be involved in Japanese culture up close and personal. This is as about as close to Japanese schooling as you can get without the plane ticket.

Japan America Society Of Greater Philadelphia (JASGP)

This is a great place to go if you're looking to learn more Japanese, and expand your knowledge of Japan in general. Definitely not one to miss.

Need lessons? Then this is THE spot. Peter Galante and friends are here with their podcasts to help you learn at your own pace. I've been using these podcasts for the last three years, and they DO work. Subscriptions are extremely affordable.

If you're heading to Japan, and need to know some phrases while your there, then look no further, Sachiko Nakagome is here to make sure you know what's what when you arrive in Tokyo, and more. Don't sleep and miss the "Sachiko's Secret, it's vital info for the Japan-bound traveler!


Being the visual, and auditory person that I am, I really learn best when I can see and/or hear what I need to learn. Not to say that books aren't of help, but with this subject, it's important to have either a visual or some audio (preferably both) to aid in my learning. The listing below are of book titles, and bookstores where I have purchased books that were of great help in my learning and retention of Japanese so far.


GENKI (げんき) An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese
Publisher: The Japan Times
Shop: Amazon

Writing Hiragana by: Jim Gleeson
An Introductory Japanese Language Workbook
Publisher: Tuttle Publishing
Shop: Amazon

Writing Katakana by: Jim Gleeson
An Introductory Japanese Language Workbook
Publisher: Tuttle Publishing
Shop: Amazon

A Dictionary of Japanese Particles by: Sue A. Kawashima
Publisher: Kodansha International
Shop: Amazon

BOOKSTORES: Philadelphia, PA

University Of Pennsylvania Campus Bookstore

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Kinokuniya — NYC Listing:

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Book-Off — NYC Listing:

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Now before a fight breaks out, if you're on a PC, and have some software that you use, please e-mail me and let me know what it is, how well it works, who makes it, and I'll list it here. I have a Mac, and I can only list the software I have used, or have seen myself.

Think Mac (UK)
The makers of iKana, iKanji for both the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Innovative Language Learning
iPhone software from the fine folks responsible for and many others.

The creators of Jisho, and Jisho Touch — a Japanese/English Dictionary


These are applictions (apps) for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. These are also the same ones I'm using on my iPhone.These apps can be gotten from the App Store right on your device.

Kotoba! (v2.5)
One of the best Japanese dictionaries I've ever used on my iPhone! Based on Jim Breen's JMdict Dictionary. This app is free.

iKana & iKanji
This is one of the best flash card style apps I've seen for Japanese, and it's worth every penny. iKana costs $4.99, and iKanji costs $8.99.  It has writing practice, character recognition quizzes where you can go back and practice characters that you have difficulty with.  Superb!


There are many sites out there that provide great information, and have listed the ones I use the most. If you come across one that you use, that I don't have listed, please contact me and I'll add it here.


KanjiDict 1.7.2
Fast lookups, and customizable searching

Denshi Jisho
An online dictionary that allows for sentences?!? This I like!

As I come across more resources, I'll list them here.